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    Andrew Reynolds Leads Efforts for LGBT Representation and Rights Research at UNC-Chapel Hill

    Global Studies LGBT logoAndrew Reynolds, associate professor of political science and chair of the Curriculum in Global Studies, has been leading the efforts for the new LGBT Representation and Rights research initiative at UNC-Chapel Hill, including raising over $100,000.  The initiative launched last semester with three UNC speakers and the hiring of Alissandra Stoyan, a political science graduate student as a research assistant along with three undergraduate research assistants.

    The initiative’s first policy paper will be published this Spring based on Reynolds’ forthcoming article, "Representation and Rights: The Impact of LGBT Legislators in Comparative Perspective," American Political Science Review, Vol.107, No.2 (April 2013).

    The UNC LGBT Representation and Rights initiative at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is the first academic program in the United States focused exclusively on the link between the representation of lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender people and the legal and political rights afforded to those groups.

    The mission is threefold:


    —  Conduct and encourage research on the relationship between the presence and representation of LGBT individuals and equality.

    —  Nurture, connect and inspire a cohort of scholars focused on questions of sexual orientation, representation and rights; in North Carolina and beyond.

    —  Pay testimony to, and build on the Carolina tradition of pursuing engaged research bringing the highest level of scholarship to bear on the question of how to protect and enhance equality, democracy and the civil rights of all Americans.

    The initiative will:

    ·       Gather data to generate knowledge and evidence to support advocacy and generate understanding. Specifically, data on the representation of LGBT officials in national parliaments, multi-national assemblies, governments, and as mayors of cities. We are compiling a comprehensive compendium of national laws as they relate to the rights of LGB and Trans communities.

    ·       Bring domestic and international speakers to UNC’s campus.

    ·       Hold academic workshops leading to a series of policy papers.

    ·       Focus on areas beyond that of politics; i.e., the representation of LGBT individuals in Sports, the Media, Education, Business, the Judiciary, Music, Religion, Health Care, etc.

    We will disseminate knowledge to a wider audience, through:

    o   Academic journal articles.

    o   Newspaper opinion-editorials

    o   A policy paper series addressing a variety of issues and themes.

    o   The publication of books on LGBT representation and rights.

    o   Public talks and lectures.

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