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    Niedzwiecki, SariSara Niedzwiecki, 2014 Ph.D., Receives Dean's Distinguished Dissertation Award

    Sara Niedzwiecki, a 2014 Ph.D. in the Department of Political Science, is the recipient of the prestigious Dean’s Distinguished Dissertation Award in the Social Sciences. Sara’s dissertation, titled “Multilevel Social Policies and Partisan Alignments: Social Assistance and Healthcare in Argentina and Brazil,” is only the second ever awarded to a political science doctoral student. An award ceremony will take place on the UNC campus April 9, 2015. Read More...

    Scotland Elections"Scotland Votes to Stay. For Now." Monkey Cage Guest Blog by Graeme Robertson, Associate Professor of Political Science

    So it is finally over. Some 545 days after the announcement of the referendum on Scottish independence, the big question has been answered. With an amazing 97 percent of the adult population registered to vote, and a modern era record turnout of 84.6 percent, people living in Scotland voted by 55 percent to 45 percent against independence.  The final 10 point margin was slightly larger than the late polls which had given no a 52-48 lead, but much narrower than the 30 point lead No had enjoyed one year ago. Read More...


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