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    News Headlines

    SmithFig1.jpgPh.D. student Jacob Smith has a post featured on the London School of Economics' USAPP blog.

    Can candidates use non-campaign advertising to help them to win elections? Using the example of North Carolina Commissioner of Labor Cherie Berry – who has her picture placed in every elevator in the state – Jacob Smith and Neil Weinberg find that this non-campaign advertising did increase her share of the vote. They write that in an era when races in competitive states like North Carolina are decided by only few percentage points, such an effect has the potential to swing the outcome of elections. Read the post...


    HardenFig1.jpgAssistant Professor Chris Clark, and CU-Boulder Assistant Professor Jeff Harden (UNC PhD, 2012) have a post featured on the London School of Economics' USAPP blog.

    Clark and Harden find that it is much more important to Americans that their political preferences are represented by a group of legislators, even if that group does not include their own representative. Read the post...





    Assistant Professor, Timothy Ryan, has a blog post featured in the Monkey Cage: "What happened the last time South Carolina debated the Confederate flag? Hate, but also hope."

    Assistant Professor, Timothy Ryan, has a post featured in the Washington Post's Monkey Cage blog. Read the post...



    Baumgartner, Dietrich, Death Penalty

    "The number of lethal injections is declining. That's what history would have you predict." Frank Baumgartner featured in a Monkey Cage blog post.

    Frank Baumgartner, the Richard J. Richardson Distinguished Professor of Political Science has a blog post featured in the Washington Post's Monkey Cage blog.
    Read the post...




    Political science Ph.D. student awarded
    grant for social policy research

    Joshua Jansa, a Ph.D. student in political science in UNC’s College of Arts and Sciences, has received a grant to support his research from the Horowitz Foundation. Jansa’s project is “Laboratories of Inequality: The Politics of Economic Development Subsides and the Distribution of Resources in America.” Read More...


    Oatley Bookcover

    A Political Economy of American Hegemony: Buildups, Booms, and Busts by Thomas Oatley

    Professor Thomas Oatley has published a new book, “A Political Economy of American Hegemony: Buildups, Booms, and Busts” (Cambridge University Press, 2015). In his new book, Oatley presents a novel argument that U.S. military buildups have produced postwar economic booms that have culminated in monetary and financial crises. The 2008 subprime crisis – as well as the housing bubble that preceded it – was the most recent manifestation of this buildup, boom, and bust cycle, developing as a consequence of the decision to deficit finance the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Earlier instances of financial crises were generated by deficit-financed buildups in the 1980s and the late 1960s. Read More...

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