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    McGuire, Editor of New Book on Judicial Politics

    Book CoverProfessor Kevin T. McGuire, Department of Political Science at UNC-Chapel Hill, is the editor of the recently published New Directions in Judicial Politics (Routledge, 2012). The book is part of the series, New Directions in American Politics, covering key areas of study in the field of American politics and government.

    New Directions in Judicial Politics, as described by the publisher, “seeks to demystify the courts, offering readers the insights of empirical research to address questions that are of genuine interest to students. In addition to presenting a set of conclusions about the way in which courts operate, this book also models the craft of political research, illustrating how one can account for a variety of factors that might affect the courts and how they operate. The renowned scholars and teachers in this volume invite critical thinking, not only about the substance of law and courts in America, but also about the ways in which we study judicial politics.”

    Professor Isaac Unah, also a faculty member of the Department of Political Science at UNC-Chapel Hill, Race, is a contributor to the book as a co-author along with John Charles Boger of the article Race and Death Sentencing.

    "In this latest volume, Kevin McGuire has organized a terrific selection of essays that collectively paint a fascinating portrait of American courts in contemporary society. The contributing authors, who represent a perfect blend of accomplished senior scholars and the brightest up-and-coming stars, use rigorous empirics to take us significantly beyond the simple understandings of the past to the complex realities of the judicial process in American politics. Many of these works challenge the conventional wisdom and address some of the most important controversies of the day. This fascinating collection represents the very best of modern judicial politics scholarship and is a must-read for any student of American politics." —Melinda Gann Hall, Michigan State University

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