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    Spinner-Halev, Pens New Book

    spinner-halevJeff Spinner-Halev, the Kenan Eminent Professor of Political Ethics in the Department of Political Science at UNC-Chapel Hill, has just published his new book, Enduring Injustice, with Cambridge University Press (2012).

    At a time when there is debate about whether or not governments should offer apologies and reparations for past injustices, others suggest there the past is not as important as injustices that exist now. Professor Spinner-Halev in his new book, argues that there are enduring injustices, injustice that began in the past, continue today, and will continue into the future unless the injustice is specifically addressed. His argument sugggests which of the many injustices of the past should be of concern today.


    “With characteristic sensitivity and nuance, Spinner-Halev explores the ways in which deep injustices can persist even within avowedly liberal regimes. This is an important book by a committed liberal with a deep appreciation for the limitations of liberal solutions.”

    -JOSEPH H. CARENS, University of Toronto

    “No country’s past is free from the stain of injustice. But which past injustices merit attention today, and what kind of response is appropriate? Jeff Spinner-Halev tackles these questions from a fresh perspective, arguing that liberal political theory is ill equipped to handle them, and constructing a distinctive framework for thinking them through in a more helpful way. This is an insightful and provocative book by one of the country’s most consistently interesting political theorists.”

    -ALAN PATTEN, Professor of Politics, Princeton University

    “Enduring Injustice introduces a new and provocative framework for thinking about not only the nature of past injustices but also the way in which they can persist into the present and why we need to address them. But even more impressively, Spinner-Halev ties this discussion to broader issues in liberal political theory and challenges us to think about the nature of injustice more generally. This is an important topic and a terrific read.”

    -DUNCAN IVISON, Professor of Political Philosophy and Dean for the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, The University of Sydney

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