Welcome! Several of us current UNC polisci graduate students have made home videos (in some cases, literally) to add to your virtual recruitment experience. We felt it was important given on our own recruitment experiences to give you a chance to get to know us, the campus, and the Chapel Hill/Carborro area. Please see below for several videos created by a few of us with blurbs about what the videos cover. We were all truly looking forward to meeting you in person and to show you around campus/town for recruitment, but with the circumstances being as they are we tried our best to re-create this experience virtually (if not a bit awkwardly). Enjoy!

My Favorite Coffee Shops by Martin Naunov, 1st year Graduate Student:  One thing that was particularly important to me when deciding where to go is the coffee shop scene (because I work from cafes most of the time, unless self-quarantined). And there is no shortage of amazing coffee shops in the area!! So that’s one random piece of information I can share. And another one is that we have a crazy good arts scene: In less than a year I’ve been here, I’ve gone to performances by Martha Graham’s Dance Company, Alvin Ailey’s Dance Company (those are the two best and some of the oldest dance companies in the world)… Mitsuko Uchida, a living legend in the classical music world, was supposed to come in March too, but this was canceled due to the Corona virus… And students’ tickets for all these performances are $10!!! (which is a steal!!!) So, as someone who has lived in Oxford, NYC, DC, and Hong Kong (among other places), I would not be afraid to argue that the coffee shop scene and the arts scene here is really second to none… (see below for Martin’s virtual tour)

IMG_6153 (1)

Around Town with Amanda Aziz and Devin Case-Ruchala: Hi y’all this is Devin and Amanda, we are two good friends in the department and we made this video to convey important information for our virtual recruitment. We show you around campus and talk about what it’s like working in our offices, transportation, rent/cost of living, and a bit about our own recruitment experience. We also went to some of our favorite places around Chapel Hill to give you a sense of the area. Ideally you’d all be here to experience these places with us and everyone else in the department (since normally we do things in big groups!) but hopefully this is still somewhat entertaining and informative.


Conversation with 2nd Year Cohorts, Sam Schmitt, Michael Greenberger, Izzy Laterzo, Kellen Robinson & Courtney Blackington