Professor Director, Graduate Studies/Professor of Political Science
255 Hamilton Hall
Office Hours:

Spring 2019 - Tuesday 1-2.00, Wednesday 11- 1.00

Curriculum Vitae

robertsonGraeme Robertson, Director, Graduate Studies/Professor of Political Science, received his B.A. from Oxford University (1990), an M.A. in Russian, East European and Central Asian Studies from Harvard University (1997), and his Ph.D from Columbia University (2004). A specialist in comparative politics, Graemeā€™s work focuses on political protest and the dynamics of competition between rulers and their challengers in contemporary authoritarian political systems. His recent publications include work on political institutions in authoritarian regimes, analysis of the structural and political factors that shape regime dynamics and studies of the individual-level determinants of support for and opposition to authoritarian regimes. He has published articles in many academic journals including the American Political Science Review, the American Journal of Political Science, The Journal of Politics and the British Journal of Political Science. His most recent book, The Politics of Protest in Hybrid Regimes: Managing Dissent in Post-Communist Russia, was published by Cambridge University Press in January 2011.

Graeme is currently working on a number of projects including a study of the Russian opposition in the aftermath of the 2011-12 election protests and an analysis of the effects of revolution and war in Ukraine.