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Graduate Student
American Politics
303 Hamilton Hall

My name is Tyler Steelman and I am a Ph.D. candidate in political science at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill specializing in American politics and political psychology. He is currently on the academic job market seeking a position starting in Fall 2022.

Tyler recently concluded a fellowship with the American Political Science Association’s Public Scholarship Program. You can find summaries of his recent APSR journal articles on and the most recent edition of the APSA magazine

Tyler’s research examines the representation of marginalized identities in contemporary American politics. In his dissertation, he shows that members of Congress routinely engage with Americans living outside their congressional district through a phenomenon called surrogate representation. He is also involved in an ongoing project exploring the interaction between legislative district design and how well individuals are represented. His published and forthcoming work can be found in Political Analysis, Legislative Studies Quarterly, Interest Groups and Advocacy, and The Election Law Journal, among others.