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Considering a Major in Political Science?

Take An Introductory Course

The Political Science Department offers courses in a wide variety of areas, broadly falling within the fields of American politics, international politics, and law, ethics and politics. Introductory courses are encouraged to provide a better understanding of what the study of political science is all about.  Even if you do not end up majoring in political science, you can use these courses to meet General Education requirements.  Suitable courses for first-year students and others new to political science include:

POLI 100: Introduction to Government in the United States

POLI 101: State and Local Government in the United States

POLI 130: Introduction to Comparative Politics

POLI 150: International Relations and World Politics

Review The Department Website

The department’s website provides a wealth of information for prospective students.  Explore information regarding major requirements, course descriptions, research and professional opportunities, department activities, and faculty biographies. Learn about the various opportunities available to political science major both in and out of the classroom. Read about each of the major’s concentrations and the ways in which a political science major prepares its graduates for life after college, whether it be in the workforce or graduate school.

Meet With An Advisor Or Faculty Member

Academic advisors and faculty members can help answer questions that you might have about majoring in political science.  The Department’s Undergraduate Advisor (Matthew Weidenfeld) and Director of Undergraduate Studies (Stephen Gent) are located in Hamilton Hall and are happy to meet with prospective majors during their office hours.

What Do Political Science Majors Do After Graduating?

Political science majors are encouraged to make the most of their time at Carolina through department events, internships, and study abroad. Of course, though, students wonder how their major prepares them for life after college. The political science major at Carolina prepares students for work in federal, state, and local governments, international organizations, non-profit organizations, a vast number of jobs in the private sector and business, as well as graduate and law school.