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Philosophy, Politics, and Economics Minor

The Duke-UNC Philosophy, Politics, and Economics Program trains students to look beyond the borders of academic disciplines by offering them an integrated study of philosophy, politics, and economics.  The Program is a collaboration between UNC and Duke, which offers minor at UNC and a certificate at Duke.  Students pursuing either the minor or the certificate can take courses at the other school to meet the relevant requirements. The Gateway and Capstone courses are co-convened, meeting for half the semester at Duke and for half at UNC.  The program also offers a PPE Club as well as numerous events and a listserv.

For more information, please visit the Philosophy, Politics, and Economics Minor website.

Joint Degree Program with the National University of Singapore

Political science majors may wish to consider applying for the Joint Degree Program, an innovative joint undergraduate degree program joining the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the National University of Singapore.  Chapel Hill undergraduates spend anywhere from two to four semesters at the National University of Singapore and receive a joint bachelor of arts degree from both institutions. For further information, contact the Study Abroad Office.