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    Gary Marks

    gary marksProfessor of Political Science

    309 Hamilton Hall| 919-962-0435 | C.V.

    Gary Marks is Burton Craige Professor of Political Science at UNC-Chapel Hill. He was educated in England and received his Ph.D. from Stanford University. In 2010 he was awarded a Humboldt Forschungspreis (Humboldt Research Prize) for his contributions to political science. He co-founded the UNC Center for European Studies and EU Center of Excellence in 1994 and 1998, respectively, and served as Director until 2006. Marks has had fellowships and visiting professorships at the Free University of Amsterdam, the Free University of Berlin, the Hanse Wissenschaftskolleg, Pompeu Fabra, the Institute for Advanced Studies Vienna, Sciences Po, Konstanz University, McMaster University, the University of Twente, and was National Fellow at the Hoover Institution. Currently Professor Marks has a five-year grant from the European Research Council for €2.5 million.

    His teaching and research are chiefly in comparative politics and multilevel governance. He has published over 50 articles and books with 50 or more scholarly citations. His (co-)authored books include Multi-Level Governance and European Integration (2001); It Didn’t Happen Here: Why Socialism Failed in the United States (2001); European Integration and Political Conflict (2004), and The Rise of Regional Authority: A Comparative Study of 42 OECD Democracies (2010).

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