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Resources for Student Success

The Department of Political Science encourages majors to take advantage of all the resources and services designed to promote and enhance student success at UNC-Chapel Hill.

Undergraduate Retention in the Office of Undergraduate Education is committed to supporting all students on their path to graduation. We strive to enhance student success, which is a combination of academics, wellness and engagement, by encouraging students to identify their individual strengths and take full advantage of campus resources designed to help them succeed. To learn more about available resources and services available to students, please visit the link above.

Carolina Firsts

First generation students comprise nearly 20% of the student population, enriching the intellectual and cultural diversity at UNC-Chapel Hill. “Carolina Firsts” offers first generation students, a strength-based approach to academic success at UNC-Chapel Hill. As part of the Office of Undergraduate Education, Carolina Firsts provides a range of resources and services for first generation students, their families, and faculty and staff. To learn more about the available resources and services available, please visit the link above.